Georgia Church Insurance

Georgia Church Insurance

Every church or religious organization in Georgia has unique and specific needs when it comes to insurance.  Let Brand and Britt help customize a program that protects YOUR organization so you can focus on helping your congregation and community. 

Most churches and religious organizations have some standard insurance needs:

Property Coverage
Your church, synagogue, mosque or other religious organization may consist of one or more buildings, but you likely have many other items of value that need to be covered.  Permanently installed organs, pews and alters.  You must also consider personal effects of clergy, employees and guests. 

General Liability Coverage
General Liability insurance covers the church or religious organization’s legal liability from 3rd party bodily injury or property damage claims that arise from your organization’s activities. 

Commercial Auto
Your Georgia church or religious organization will likely need coverage for leased vehicles, owned vehicles and / or coverage for hired-car damage or lease gap.  We can help make sure you have the right amount of coverage as well as keeping you in compliance with Georgia regulations. 

Other insurance options for your Georgia church, synagogue, mosque or other organization:


  • Day Care and School Medical - Provides excess payments of medical expenses for accidents resulting from activities scheduled and supervised by your church or on its behalf.
  • Interscholastic Athletic Medical - Provides Excess payments of medical expenses for accidents that might result from practicing, instructing, and participating in athletic events.
  • Directors & Officers
  • Umbrella policy
  • Workers Compensation